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Cable Assembly

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Cable Assembly - 沃肯科技提供各式頻段射頻微波同軸電纜連接器,最高可達65GHz.我們可提供的線材種類包含:RG316,RG316DS,RG400,SS402,SS405,.034,.047,.086(RG405),.141(RG402)Semi-Flex and Semi-rigid Cable.我們也提供0.81mm,1.13mm,1.37mm I-PEX 極細線. 除一般同軸電纜,我們也提供高頻、高性能的網路分析測試電纜.
Woken Technology provide a wide range of RF cable assemblies for various RF and Microwave applications. Our products can assist you with engineered interconnect solutions. Our flexible and semi-flex cable assemblies are utilized in the Telecommunications.
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